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This integrative volume brings together leading social scientists to present diverse perspectives on the emergence, development, and practical role of self-awareness. Shedding light on the fundamental question of how human beings come to understand who we are--in relation to ourselves, to others, and to the broader world--the book does justice to the complexity of its subject while remaining accessible to readers in a wide range of disciplines. Chapters cover such topics as developmental and evolutionary aspects of self-awareness; the self, consciousness, and theory of mind; and connections between self-awareness and social, affective, academic, and neuropsychological functioning. I. Definitions and Underpinnings of Self-Awareness 1. The Mind and Education, Searle 2. Consciousness and Self-Awareness, Natsoulas II. The Evolution of Self-Awareness 3. When Self Met Other, Povinelli and Prince 4. A Social Model for the Evolution and Adaptive Significance of Self-Conscious Emotions, Parker III. Development of Self-Awareness across the Lifespan 5. Is There a Self in Infancy?, Kagan 6. Inching toward a Mature Theory of Mind, Chandler and Carpendale 7. Self-Awareness and Social Intelligence: Web Pages, Search Engines, and Navigational Control, Ford and Maher 8. Personal Navigation, Sternberg and Spear-Swerling 9. The Developing Self-System and Self-Regulation of Primary School Children, Bouffard and Vezeau 10. The Brain, the Me, and the I, Pribram and Bradley 11. Narrative and Metanarrative in the Construction of Self, Bruner and Kalmar 12. The Development of Self through the Coordination of Component Systems, Mascolo and Fischer IV. Integration and Conclusion 13. Being and Becoming Self-Aware, Ferrari 430 Pages

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