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Thoughts & Feelings
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"At last, a new edition of Thoughts & Feelings, chock full of systematic strategies for the treatment of a wide variety of psychological problems. Eminently readable and helpful for professionals as well as patients."-Aaron T. Beck, M.D. -With 14 new chapters, over 90 percent of this classic guide has been revised for the new edition. Also new are 12 step-by-step, research-based protocols that combine the most effective techniques for treating problems ranging from depression and panic disorder to obsessional thinking and anger control. All of the major cognitive-behavioral techniques are covered, including identifying automatic thoughts, changing patterns of thinking, flooding, thought stopping, stress inoculation, testing core beliefs, worry control, and much more. This is the most complete and useful guide to cognitive behavioral techniques ever written and the only client manual you'll ever need. 256 pages.

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