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Mega Memory
Retail Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $14.95
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Lapses of memory can kill. They kill a sale, a job or career, a romance, or an opportunity for a promotion. They can even snuff out a life. Lapses of memory can make talented people look incompetent and smart people look dumb. But a good memory helps you in hundreds of ways. It smoothes your relationships. It helps you in negotiations and presentations. And you don't waste precious time looking things up. A good memory can actually make you smarter. It helps you score higher on tests, even intelligence tests. And, when you remember easily, it frees the rest of your mind for thinking. Everyone has perfect memory. But it's untrained. That's where this program comes in. In just two or three days you'll be performing prodigious feats of memory. Eight Audiocassettes, Bonus- How To Remember Everything In Your Past audiotape, a Workbook, and a Pocket Guide. Clearance item, no returns or refunds.

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