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From Stress to Success
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Simple Ways to Laugh it Off, Lighten Up, and Conquer the World. *Use your stress productively *Add 6 to 12 years to your life *Develop unfailing support systems *Enrich your life with the 5 F's *Increase your stress tolerance *Use Risk to your advantage *Re-energize yourself in minutes *Make family life more rewarding. Now you can balance your life, relieve your stress, get more done in less time and feel great about yourself! Whenever the demons of stress attack, you'll tame them in seconds with these proven strategies for success. Listen tonight, and by tomorrow you'll feel the relief. You'll know the secret to making stress work for you, instead of against you. And you'll have valuable tools that help you create a truly fulfilling life...relaxed at last! This course comes with two audio tapes and a 28-page pocket guide book.

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