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Being A Man
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This is the first practical, step-by-step book written specifically for men who want to transcend male stereotypes and achieve a more satisfying and rewarding life as a man. Based on proven behavior concepts and a skill-acquisition model, Being a Man provides what other books based on Jungian or mythopetic concepts lack. Offers clear instructions on how to: Apply the principles of right livelihood to find meaningful work or transform your present job; Make and keep close male friends; Enjoy responsible sex; Thrive within intimate relationships; Become a nurturing, supportive father; Clarify and express your feelings appropriately; Ask for what you want assertively; Control your anger; Take care of your body. This book is an essential resource for men of all ages, for their significant others who want to assist them on their journey, and for helping professionals of both genders looking for practical tools to optimize their work with male clients. 288 pages.

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