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From Stress To Strength
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"Life is a balance of stresses and strengths," says Robert S. Eliot, whose best-seller Is It Worth Dying For? helped hundreds of thousands toward better cardiac health. But millions of people constitute "the walking worried well," people who have failed to discover that balance in their lives and are at serious risk from the silent killer, stress. Drawing on 20 years of treating "the walking worried well" at corporate centers and at the Institute of Stress Medicine, Dr. Eliot has devised a 40-point Quality of Life Index that allows readers to personally assess themselves, identify risks and set new goals that will allow a better balance between stress and personal strengths. This practical, humane approach to true well-being does not require drastic lifestyle or diet changes, but gives each reader a participatory role in making heart-healthy choices. From Stress To Strength combines advanced medical research with the practical, read-world advice so apparent in Is It Worth Dying For? Dr. Eliot's humor and common sense speak from every page. As more people look to improve the quality of life, and major corporations look to safeguard employees against the toll of stress in the workplace, Dr. Eliot's groundbreaking new book will be a source of vital information, practical advice, and emotional support.

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