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Joy of Simple Living
Retail Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $23.95
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DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MASTERING THE SIMPLE LIFE! Remember when you were a kid? All you had to worry about was what games you'd play or who you'd play with. Or what story you wanted to be read at bedtime. Now your life's gotten complicated, and you wish there were a simpler way... Now there is! Joy of Simple Living can help to untie the stress knot bit by bit... undo the out-of-control feelings that have built up over the years... unravel the habits and activities that can make your life unhealthfully complicated. For example... · Say "so long" to clutter! See page 14! · Feel calmer and more organized! See page 16! · Make your bedroom a haven from the crazy world. See page 47! · Feel good all over! See page 26! · Create more free time for yourself! See page 41! · Keep more money in your wallet! See page 33!

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