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Memory Made Easy
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Created in partnership with Reader's Digest, London, this course gives you dozens of proven techniques that memory experts have relied on for years...combined with the hottest new insights from memory researchers in the USA, England and Europe. 1.Quick and very easy ways to sharpen your memory...while you drive, exercise, even watch TV. 2.A simple technique that lets you learn anything in just 10 minutes. 3.A 10-second test that reveals your natural learning style - there are 3 different ones. Knowing yours can double your memory power! 4.Several tips & techniques for preventing slips of'll never lose keys, forget errands or miss appointments again. 5. The most simple, easy-to-use methods for remembering names, dates, phone numbers, facts and figures. This in-depth Memory Course comes with a handy guide book and six audio cassette tapes.

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