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Coming Out Every Day-A gay, bisexual, or questioning man's guide
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Many of the books and articles about "coming out" focus on the external difficulties that gay or bisexual men face when they disclose their sexual orientation to others: "How can I tell them? How will they react?" Less acknowledged is the internal struggle that many men undergo to define their sexual identity, accept its unique characteristics, and "come out" to themselves. Coming Out Every Day provides a supportive, structured approach to this often intimidating process of self-examination and change. Through challenging exercises and personal inventories, readers examine the many aspects of their identity, work through barriers of shame and guilt, and take steps to integrate sexual feelings and needs into a conscious sense of self. Included are a wealth of suggestions for finding support and building healthy new relationships with families, friends, lovers, and partners. By Bret K. Johnson, Ph.D. 256 pages.

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