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Research Methods in Family Therapy ISBN 1-57230-111-2
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The proliferation of new family therapy models in recent years has created a paramount need for solidly grounded inquiry into therapeutic processes and outcomes. An excellent text for students and an ideal reference for professionals, this accessible volume introduces the reader to the wide variety of key social science research methodologies suited to investigation in family therapy. The book clearly illuminates the vital interconnections between research design and clinical practice, and illustrates its jargon-free coverage of both traditional and emerging research methods with detailed, clinically relevant examples. I. Introduction 1. Toward Pluralism in Family Therapy Research, Sprenkle and Moon II. Qualitative Methods Naturalistic Research 2. Ethnographic Research Methods: Creating a Clinical Science of the Humanities, Newfield, Sells, Smith, Newfield, and Newfield 3. Grounded Theory Methodology in Family Therapy Research, Rafuls and Moon Social Constructionist Research 4. The Use of Phenomenology for Family Therapy Research: The Search for Meaning, Boss, Dahl, and Kaplan 5. Conversation Analysis: Studying the Construction of Therapeutic Realities, Gale Critical Theory Research 6. Critical Theory Research: The Emancipatory Interest in Family Therapy, Rediger 7. Feminist Lenses in Family Therapy Research: Gender, Politics, and Science, Avis and Turner Focus Group Evaluations 8. Focus Groups in Family Therapy Research, Piercy and Nickerson III. Quantitative Methods Design and Measurement 9. Quantitative Design in Family Therapy: Insider Hints on Getting Started, Dickey 10. Methodological Issues and Strategies in Scale Development, Snyder and Rice Experimental Research 11. Experimental Methods in Marital and Family Therapy Research, Lyness and Sprenkle 12. Methods for Single-Case Experiments in Family Therapy, Dickey 13. Meta-Analysis in Family Therapy Research, Wampler and Serovich Relational/Predictive Research 14. Approaches to Prediction: Correlation, Regression, and Discriminant Analysis, Snyder and Mangrum 15. Structural Equation Modeling, Volk and Flori Cost-Effectiveness Evaluations 16. Cost-Effectiveness Research in Family Therapy, Pike-Urlacher, MacKinnon, and Piercy Intensive Research 17. Case Study Research, Moon and Trepper 18. The Events-Based Approach to Couple and Family Therapy Research, Greenberg, Heatherington, and Friedlander 19. Systematically Developing Therapeutic Techniques: Applications of Research and Development, Bischoff, McKeel, Moon, and Sprenkle Survey Research 20. Survey Research in Marriage and Family Therapy, Nelson 21. The Delphi Method, Fish and Busby Program Evaluations 22. Program EvaluationResearch: Applications to Marital and Family Therapy, Leber, St. Peters, and Markman 514 Pages

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