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Emotional Understanding
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Disputing the traditional psychoanalytic emphasis on verbalization, this volume highlights the emotional nature of psychoanalytic understanding and argues that such understanding requires that the analyst find a place inside herself or himself for this particular patient. Because much of emotional understanding is tacit understanding, it requires attention to the kinds of memories that precede and extend beyond words. In her work, Donna M. Orange not only mends the historical rift between philosophy and psychoanalysis but weaves a tapestry that incorporates both. In so doing, she provides a clear explication of the philosophical underpinnings of emotional understanding and the epistemology of the therapeutic enterprise. 1. Introduction: Making Sense Together 2. Understanding Understanding 3. Theory-Choice and Fallibilism 4. Towards an Epistemology of Perspectival Realism 5. Cotransference: The Analyst's Perspective 6. Experience: Given and Made 7. Affect and Emotional Life 8. Emotional Memory 9. Emotional Availability 10. Misunderstanding: A Collaborative Pragmatist View 11. How Does Psychoanalytic Understanding Heal? 12. Illustration: Understanding Schreber 226 Pages

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