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Panic Disorder
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Filling the need for a balanced, in-depth analysis of the most current research and theory on all aspects of the syndrome, this unique volume provides a comprehensive, integrative exploration of panic disorder.Maintaining throughout that panic disorder is a psychobiological syndrome characterized by dysfunction at the cognitive as well as the physiological level, the book begins with a discussion of the phenomenology of the disorder that covers:* Origins of the panic disorder concept* The evolution of panic disorder in DSM-III, DSM-III-R, and DSM-IV * Qualitative distinctions between panic, anxiety, and fear* Alternative subtyping schemes* Variants of panic* Direct assessmentExtensive reviews of the epidemiology, biological aspects, and psychopharmacologic treatments are presented in subsequent chapters, followed by detailed explorations of psychological aspects, including predictability and controllability, and psychological treatments, including cognitive-behavioral techniques. A thorough discussion of the syndromal validity and etiology of the disorder is provided, and metatheoretical issues such as the cross-cultural and philosophical aspects of the disorder are also addressed. The final chapter presents conclusions about the current knowledge of panic, and looks toward future developments. 276 Pages

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