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Grief as a Family Process
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Grief as a Family Process draws on many sources, such as developmental psychology, psychoanalytic and family systems theory, and cultural anthropology. It extends and integrates these approaches into a systemic developmental model that emphasizes the ways grief can enhance the emotional growth of the family system. The model presented here views grief as a natural process through which a therapist can help families live, and even grow. Using examples from a wide variety of cultural traditions, this book argues for a transformation of attachment to, instead of detachment from, the deceased family member to sustain and enhance family development. I. Overview 1. Introduction 2. A Systemic Developmental Approach to Family Bereavement II. Individual Grief in Systemic Context 3. Grief in Adulthood 4. A Widow's Story: The Systemic Developmental Experience of Grief in Adulthood 5. Bereavement in Childhood: Child Grief as a Systemic Developmental Process 6. The Stories of Grieving Children: Weaving Grief and Coping into the Developmental Fabric III. Grieving Families and Their Shared Development 7. Family Systems Theory and Models of Family Bereavement 8. Family Development and Adaptation to the Crisis of Grief 9. Helping Bereaved Families: Enhancing Strategies for Stable Reorganization 10. The Death of a Child: Its Impact on Adult and Family Development IV. Cultural and Social Factors in Family Bereavement 11. The Sociocultural Context of Grief 12. The Interweaving of Cultural Background and Family Developmental History: The Story of a Daughter's Grief 13. The Circumstances of Death and the Structure of Grief V. Conclusion 14. Family Development and Grief Therapy 307 Pages

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