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Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Depression
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Following an incisive foreword by Allen J. Frances, Chair of the American Psychiatric Association's Task Force on DSM-IV, chapters discuss many of the problems that arise in classifying chronic depression and in treating and diagnosing the individual patient. Dysthymic disorder in childhood and adolescence is explored, as is the co-occurrence of dysthymic disorder with other conditions. The text also sheds light on the social and vocational impairments often experienced by those who suffer from chronic depression. Included are in-depth discussions about the course and natural history of dysthymia as well as what is known about the family history of this disorder. Of particular interest to clinicians are chapters that cover the pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy of dysthymic disorder and address how best to assess symptoms and evaluate change during treatment. 1. Diagnosis and Classification of Dysthymic Disorder, Daniel N. Klein 2. Dysthymic Disorder during Childhood and Adolescence, Andrew G. Renouf and Maria Kovacs 3. Comorbidity of Dysthymic Disorder, John C. Markowitz 4. Course and Natural History of Chronic Depression, Martin B. Keller and Diane L. Hanks 5. Assessment of Symptoms and Change in Dysthymic Disorder, Barbara J. Mason, James H. Kocsis, Andrew C. Leon, Seth Thompson, Allen J. Frances, Robert O. Morgan and Michael K. Parides 6. Social and Occupational Adjustment in Chronic Depression, Richard A. Friedman 7. Family and Genetic Epidemiologic Studies, Daniel W. Godman and John Barnhill 8. Pharmacotherapy of Dysthymic Disorder, Wilma M. Harrison and Jonathan W. Stewart 9. Psychotherapy of Dysthymic Disorder, John C. Markowitz Editor's Afterword Index 178 Pages

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