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Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression
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Recurrence of depressive episodes is not uncommon, even after successful treatment. What makes some people more vulnerable than others to this devastating disorder? Do depressive individuals have characteristic thinking and reasoning styles? By what means can cognitive antecedents to affective disorders be identified at different stages in the lifespan, and how can the risks they represent be mitigated? An important resource for anyone who seeks to understand or treat depression, this volume synthesizes the most current research and theory on cognitive vulnerability. Covering methodological, theoretical, and empirical issues, the authors review cognitive theories of depression; explicate and assess the vulnerability approach to psychopathology; and formulate an integrative view of the key proximal and distal antecedents of depression in adults. 1. The Cognitive Approach to Psychopathology 2. Depression: An Overview 3. Cognitive Theories of Depression 4. Vulnerability Approaches to Psychopathology 5. Conceptual Issues in the Study of Cognitive Vulnerability 6. Methodological Strategies and Issues in the Study of Proximal Vulnerability 7. Cognitive Theory and Data on Proximal Vulnerability 8. Methodological Strategies and Issues in the Study of Distal Vulnerability 9. Cognitive Theory and Data on Distal Vulnerability 10. Proximal and Distal Perspectives: An Integrative Approach to Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression 307 Pages

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