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Psychosocial Factors in Pain ISBN-13: 978-1572302853
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This multidisciplinary volume provides the latest information on the role of psychosocial factors in chronic, acute, and recurrent pain. Reporting on significant advances in our understanding of all aspects of pain, the volume is designed to help practitioners, students, and researchers in a wide range of health care disciplines think more comprehensively about the etiologies, assessment, and management of this prevalent--and debilitating--symptom. Chapters from leading clinical investigators address many of the most frequently encountered pain syndromes, focusing on the interplay of somatic and psychosocial factors in the experience, maintenance, and exacerbation of pain. Issues related to evaluation, prevention, and management are explored in depth, with coverage of such topics as the role of pain management in primary care settings, the prediction of responses to pain and responses to treatment, and the influence of gender. I. Biopsychosocial Context 1. A Historical Overview, Gatchel 2. A Biobehavioral Perspective, Turk and Flor 3. A Constructivist Perspective, Chapman, Nakamura, and Flores 4. Personality, Individual Differences, and Psychopathology in Chronic Pain, Weisberg and Keefe 5. The Role of Emotion in Pain, Robinson and Riley 6. Pain and Stress: A New Perspective, Melzack 7. Lifespan Developmental Approaches to Pain, Walco and Harkins 8. Sociocultural and Religious Meanings of Pain, Morris 9. The Nature of Psychological Opinion in Cases of Personal Injury, Main II. Special Topics and Populations 10. Acute Pain (with Special Emphasis on Painful Medical Procedures), Williams 11. Low Back Pain: An Epidemic in Industrialized Countries, Garofalo and Polatin 12. Workstyle and Work-Related Upper Extremity Disorders, Feuerstein, Huang, and Pransky 13. Psychological Management of Recurrent Headache Disorders, Holroyd and Lipchik 14. Temporomandibular Disorders, S. F. Dworkin 15. Fibromyalgia, Okifuji and Turk 16. A Vulnerability Diathesis Stress Model of Chronic Pain: Herpes Zoster and the Development of Postherpetic Neuralgia, R. H. Dworkin and Banks 17. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Blanchard and Galovksi 18. Phantom Limb Pain, Katz and Gagliese 19. Cancer Pain, Syrjala and Abrams 20. HIV, AIDS, and Pain, Breitbart III. Issues in Prevention and Management 21. Coping with Pain, Boothby, Thorn, Stroud, and Jensen 22. Pain Management in Primary Care: A Stepped-Care Approach, Von Korff 23. Prevention with Special Reference to Chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders, Linton 24. Presurgical Psychological Screening in Chronic Pain Syndromes: Psychological Risk Factors for Poor Surgical Results, Block 25. The Role of Sex and Gender in Pain Perception and Responses to Treatment, Miaskowski 26. Psychosocial Predictors of Chronic Pain and Response to Treatment, Gatchel and Epker 27. Interdisciplinary Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients, Gatchel and Turk 28. Family Therapy for Adults with Chronic Pain, Kerns 29. Evaluation of Treatment Effectiveness in Patients with Intractable Pain: Measures and Methods, Tait 30. Psychosocial Factors and Pain: Reflections and Visions, Turk and Gatchel 550 Pages

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