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Trauma Assessments
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Providing the information and guidance clinicians need to understand and assess psychological trauma and its effects, this book presents a step-by-step approach to conducting careful, appropriate, and accurate trauma assessments. From the initial screening, to the selection and administration of more in-depth measures for particular clients, to evaluating results and making a diagnosis, the author helps readers maximize their time and resources and brings much-needed clarity to what can be a confusing and difficult process. Instruments covered include self-report measures and structured interviews of trauma and trauma responses for adults and children. Detailed profiles of 36 measures recommended by the author--many not previously described in the clinical literature, and many available at low or no cost--identify each instrument's suggested uses, special features, format, and psychometric properties, as well as how it can be obtained. Preface I. Understanding the Impact of Trauma 1. The Importance of Understanding Responses to Trauma 2. A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Responses to Trauma 3. Common Responses to Traumatic Experiences 4. Factors That Influence the Responses to Traumatic Experiences 5. Understanding Responses to Discrete and Chronic Traumatic Experiences II. Planning and Implementing Assessments 6. Challenges to Assessing Trauma and Trauma Responses 7. Developing an Assessment Strategy 8. Selecting and Administering Measures III. Making Use of Assessment Results 9. Interpreting the Results and Making a Diagnosis 10. Where to Go from Here: Treatment Options 11. Future Directions Measure Profiles Section A: Measures of Traumatic Experiences Section B: Self-Report Measures of Responses to Trauma Section C: Structured Interviews for Posttraumatic and Dissociative Disorders Section D: Measures of Trauma and Trauma Responses for Children Appendix: Resources on Trauma and Trauma-Related Disorders 307 Pages

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