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Altering Fate
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Few people question the pervasive belief that early childhood exerts an inordinate power over adult achievements, relationships, and mental health. Once robbed of our potential by the inadequacies of our upbringing, the theory goes, we risk being trapped in maladaptive patterns and unfulfilling lives. But does early experience really seal our fate? Daring to challenge prevailing models of child development, this provocative book argues that what enables us to survive--and sets us free from our pasts--is our astonishing adaptability to change, shaped by the uniquely human attributes of consciousness, will, and desire. With vital social policy implications, this book puts forward a compelling new vision of how we become who we are. Preface 1. Chance and Necessity 2. Three Fixed Ideas 3. Traditional Models of Change 4. Development in Context 5. Progress and the Metaphor of Development 6. Behavior Serves Many Masters 7. Newton, Einstein, Piaget, and the Self 8. Consciousness and Being 9. Adaptation and the Nature of Social Life 10. Time, Sudden Change, and Catastrophe 11. Cure or Care 238 Pages

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