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Winter Blues
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Completely updating and expanding his immensely popular guide, Norman E. Rosenthal has written a veritable survival kit for anyone who suffers from the winter blues. This authoritative and engaging book presents the very latest information on the many dimensions of SAD, including the newly recognized distinctions between various degrees of the disorder, from "winter blues" to full-blown SAD. The book features revised chapters on antidepressant medications and light therapy, a new chapter on coping with SAD all year round, details on St. John's wort and on a helpful nutritional regimen, a self-test to help readers evaluate their own level of SAD, and a list of SAD resources. Also discussed is the use of light therapy in treating problems whose symptoms mirror those of SAD, including jet lag, sleep disorders, premenstrual syndrome, and the effects of shift work. A concluding chapter illustrates how those with SAD can enjoy even the darkest of seasons. I. Seasonal Syndromes 1. Introduction: Discovering SAD 2. All About SAD 3. How Seasonal Are You? 4. The Causes and Symptoms of SAD 5. SAD in Children and Adolescents 6. "Summer SAD" and Other Seasonal Afflictions II. Treatments 7. Light Therapy 8. Beyond Light Therapy: Other Ways to Help Yourself 9. Psychotherapy and SAD 10. Antidepressant Medications, Herbs, and Vitamins 11. How Can I Help?: Advice for Family and Friends 12. Step by Step through the Revolving Year 13. Research on SAD and Light Therapy III. Celebrating the Seasons 14. A Brief History of Seasonal Time 15. Polar Tales 16. SAD through the Ages 17. Creating with the Seasons 18. Words for All Seasons 19. Winter Light: Life beyond SAD IV. Resources Where to Get Further Help for Seasonal Problems Dietary Advice, Menus, and Recipes Further Reading Appendix A: Self-Assessment Mood Scale for SAD (SAM SAD) Appendix B: The Columbia Eye Checkup for Users of Light Therapy 325 Pages

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