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Insomnia is one of the most frequently reported health problems, yet until now, the literature has lacked a structured and practical approach for clinical management. This volume--whose author, Charles M. Morin, has recently been cited by the American Psychological Association for his outstanding clinical research on sleep disorders--fills a crucial need by offering a complete, multifaceted cognitive-behavioral treatment program for chronic insomnia. Emphasizing the interplay between maladaptive behavior patterns and dysfunctional sleep cognitions, the book covers all aspects of assessment and treatment. In addition, it is the first to present a systematic approach to withdrawing drug-dependent insomniacs from hypnotic medications.Designed to be a hands-on resource, the book guides readers step by step through the program, showing how to implement treatment procedures in sequence and how to tailor specific elements to the needs of individual patients--such as those suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or substance abuse. The book also features particularly useful support materials, including detailed outlines of the structured clinical interview for insomnia, sequential therapy sessions, sleep diaries, questionnaires, and other handouts. Contents:I. Evaluation.1. Insomnia: Scope of the Problem. 2. Basic Facts About Sleep. 3. Diagnostic Considerations. 4. A Cognitive-Behavioral Conceptualization of Insomnia. 5. Assessment of the Insomnia Patient. II. Treatment. 6. Overview of Treatment Protocol. 7. Preparing the Patient for Treatment. 8. Behavioral Treatment Component. 9. Cognitive Therapy Component. 10. Sleep Hygiene Education. 11. Sleep Medications. III. Clinical Efficacy. 12. Treatment Outcome Evaluations. Appendices. A. Insomnia Interview Schedule.B. Sleep Impairment Index. C. Beliefs and Attitudes About Sleep. D. Insomnia Treatment Acceptability Scale. E. Personal Contract.F. Sleep Diary. G. Summary of Sleep Diary Data. References. Index. 238 Pages Paperback

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