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Handbook of Emotions, Second Edition
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This fully revised and updated second edition of the Handbook of Emotions provides a comprehensive analysis of what is currently known about emotion in human behavior. Demonstrating the vitality and strength of the field and illuminating promising directions for future research new and revised chapters bring readers up to date on the extensive theoretical and empirical gains that have been made since the publication of the classic first edition. The volume is organized into seven sections. Chapters first set forth a broad overview of concepts and research models emerging from disciplines as diverse as history, anthropology, sociology, and philosophy, in addition to psychology. Biological and neurophysiological approaches to emotion are then presented, with coverage of compelling new findings on brain behavior relationships. The following three sections address the development of emotions; issues related to social processes and personality; and the complex interface between affect and cognition. Next, pathbreaking research on emotions and health is presented in a new section that represents one of the field's most dynamic and fruitful areas of inquiry. Finally, in-depth reviews are provided of a selection of widely studied emotions. I. Interdisciplinary Foundations. 1. The Philosophy of Emotions, Solomon. 2. History of Emotions: Issues of Change and Impact, Stearns. 3. Representing Emotional Meaning: Category, Metaphor, Schema, Discourse, White. 4. Social Models in the Explanation of Emotions, Kemper. 5. The Psychologists' Point of View, Frijda. 6. Emotion and Clinical Depression: An Environmental View, Brown. 7. Evolutionary Psychology and the Emotions, Cosmides and Tooby. 8. Emotion, Art, and the Humanities, Tan. II. Biological and Neurophysiological Approaches to Emotion. 9. Emotions as Natural Kinds within the Mammalian Brain, Panksepp. 10. Emotional Networks in the Brain, LeDoux and Phelps. 11. The Psychophysiology of Emotion, Cacioppo, Berntson, Larsen, Poehlmann, and Ito. 12. Emotion and Behavior Genetics, Rende. 13. Multiple-Measure Approaches to the Study of Infant Emotion, Fox and Calkins. 14. Vocal Communication of Emotion, Johnstone and Scherer. 15. Facial Expression of Emotion, Keltner and Ekman. III. Developmental Changes. 16. Motivational, Organizational, and Regulatory Functions of Discrete Emotions, Izard and Ackerman. 17. The Emergence of Human Emotions, Lewis. 18. Understanding Emotion, Harris. 19. Emotion and Identity, Haviland-Jones and Kahlbaugh. 20. The Social Context of Emotional Development, Saarni. IV. Social/Personality Issues 21. Subjective Emotional Well-Being, Diener and Lucas. 22. Gender, Emotion, and Expression, Brody and Hall. 23. The Effects of Mood on Social Judgment and Reasoning, Forgas and Vargas. 24. Emotion Expression in Groups, Hess and Kirouac. 25. Temperament as an Emotion Construct: Theoretical and Practical Issues, Bates. 26. The Cultural Psychology of the Emotions: Ancient and New, Shweder and Haidt. V. Cognitive Factors. 27. Positive Affect and Decision Making, Isen. 28. A Goal Appraisal Theory of Emotional Understanding: Implications for Development and Learning, Stein, Trabasso, and Liwag. 29. Cognitive and Social Construction in Emotions, Johnson-Laird and Oatley. 30. Emotion and Memory, Parrott and Spackman. 31. Emotion Concepts, Russell and Lemay. 32. Current Directions in Emotional Intelligence Research, Salovey, Bedell, Detweiler, and Mayer. VI. Health and Emotions. 33. Emotions and Physical Illness: Causes and Indicators of Vulnerability, Leventhal and Patrick-Miller. 34. When Seeing Is Feeling: A Cognitive Emotional Approach to Coping with Health Stress, Miller and Schnoll. 35. Emotions and Immunity, Booth and Pennebaker. VII. Select Emotions. 36. Fear and Anxiety: Evolutionary, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives, ™hman. 37. The Development of Anger and Hostile Interactions, Lemerise and Dodge. 38. Sadness Is There Such a Thing?, Barr-Zisowitz. 39. Self-Conscious Emotions: Embarrassment, Pride, Shame, and Guilt, Lewis. 40. Disgust, Rozin, Haidt, and McCauley. 41. Love and Attachment Processes, Hatfield and Rapson. 42. Happiness, Averill and More. 43. Empathy and Sympathy, Eisenberg. 734 Pages Hardcover

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