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Working with Groups on Spiritual Themes Volume II
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Structured Exercises in Healing. A hands-on resource for addressing crucial issues. How to discuss spiritual themes... without crossing work boundaries; without debating right and wrong; without being sectarian. How do you lead your group into a discussion of spiritual substance--safely and without offense? People today are seeking a deeper meaning for their lives. They long to talk about spiritual issues, but they--and their group leaders--are often unsure how to begin. Working with Groups on Spiritual Themes is a how-to guide for helping people talk about what's really important to them. Perfect for counselors, trainers, educators, clergy, and other discussion facilitators. Realistic and practical . . . a definition of spirituality that respects individual differences. Kathleen Fischer, PhD author/theologian/counselor. Highlights: 39 exercises in six categories: Growing Spiritually, Values, Creativity and Wonder, Relationships, Life Review, Ceremonies; Resources and bibliography. PLUS This book contains step-by-step guidance for creating stimulating, in-depth discussions about spiritual themes--even if you've never before led a group focused on these issues. Two special sections will help you get started: Instructions for working with spiritual awareness groups, adapting sessions, preparing to lead, evaluations Supplementary group processes

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