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Working with Men's Groups
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Structured Exercises in Consciousness Raising, Self-Discovery, Intimacy, Parenting. Help men strengthen their relationships, deal with conflicts, and become better partners and parents. Encourage men to open up by using structured exercises developed just for them. Forty-three exercises cover a wide range of topics, including: *Basic questions--"Who Am I As a Man?" *Friendship and intimacy--"My Male Friend," "What Women Want from Sex" *Anger, conflict, and stereotypes--"Get in Touch With Anger," "Male Stereotypes" *Being a father--"My Father/I Father," "Super-Dad". Highlights: 43 exercises in four categories: Consciousness Raising, Self-Discovery, Sexuality and Intimacy, Parenting; Each section includes a reading list; Process lengths from 15 minutes to 2 hours; Resources for men, including a list of men's groups across the country. PLUS How to Use This Book Most Effectively is a step-by-step tutorial for creating and leading an effective workshop.

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