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Working with Groups to Enhance Relationships
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This book is a powerful resource for psychologists, counselors, therapists, teachers, and educators. With fresh and creative ideas, help individuals: build lasting relationships; notice styles of communication; reframe criticism; practice sharing and responding; develop respectful curiosity; understand differences. This book offers 39 interactive activities to assist men and women in developing meaningful relationships. Each activity offers a safe environment for individuals to build communications skills, encourage cooperation, and rekindle companionship in their committed relationships. Individuals work in teams to explore their own knowledge and experience with compassion and understanding to fight problems instead of each other. Believing each person is the "expert" in their own lives, the authors designed the exercises in the book to build on each person's life experiences. Men and women are asked to challenge their inner critical voices and to experience new and different ways of being, interacting, and communicating. They are empowered to make choices that match their intentions. All the activities have three characteristics in common. They are empowering, experiential, and playful. Cutting edge techniques . . . Narrative therapy is the basis for the exercises in Working with Groups to Enhance Relationships. According to Newsweek, narrative therapy is more than a new set of techniques, it represents a fundamentally new direction in the therapeutic world. Instead of looking for flaws in people's psyches, narrative therapy works at nurturing their forgotten strengths.

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