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The Heart of Healing
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This book, companion to the TBS series The Heart of Healing, grew out of Brendan O'Reagan's hope to increase public awareness of the field of mind-body health. This book delves into various cultures to reveal the long and successful association that healing has had with faith, belief, spirit, family support, the web of everyday life, and even altered states of conciousness. It offers as further evidence cases of spontaneous remission from cancer and other diseases that have been documented in both oral and written histories throughout the centuries. During the last several decades, many researchers have clearly demonstrated that our feelings and attitudes can, in fact, push us toward either health or illness. The real message of The Heart of Healing is that we must rethink and re-establish our medical system to assign wider parameters to all the arts of healing- recognition that the connection between our minds and our bodies affects our health. 192 pages.

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