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Your Body Speaks Your Mind
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To be healed is to make ourselves whole, embracing our low voices and forgotten selves that have been denied and therefore hidden. Debbie Shapiro examines this intimate connection between the mind and body in Your Body Speaks Your Mind, revealing insights into how our emotional and psychological states affect us physically. Comparing various medical approaches, Shapiro intersperses case studies, research, and exercises as she explores the bodymind connection—how unresolved thoughts and feelings affect our health and manifest as illness in specific parts of the body. This healing guide explores the structural body from the head to the toes, and the inner relationship of each part. We are given tools for using the power of the mind and heart to heal the body through breath awareness, movement, relaxation, medication, creative visualization, and other complementary healing techniques. In Your Body Speaks Your Mind, we find that the path back to health is a journey of self-trust and inner strength. In the process we come to a different purpose, one that gives rise to a new priority: that of our salvation, our freedom, and a discovery of our true potential.

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