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The Ultimate Brain- Cassettes
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Extraordinary breakthroughs are possible for you in the areas of Creativity, Genius, Altered States of Consciousness, Self-Healing and Peak Performance. Four audio programs based on pioneering brain/mind research: Ultimate Relaxation - Studies show that as the mind enters a "theta state," muscle tension decreases and stress dissolves. This program leads you to profound states of relaxation by embedding theta brainwave frequencies into specially composed music. Ultimate Creativity - Innovative thinkers like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison intentionally used the intuitive power of their dream states to access higher creativity. Focused visual imagery and breathing techniques help you build a bridge to this creative dimension of your mind. Ultimate Health - For thousands of years music and sound have formed the basis of healing rituals. This ancient knowledge combined with current understandings of Interactive Psychoacoustic Processing takes you on a healing journey throughout your body. Ultimate Performance - Brainwave entrainment, stimulating music, intentional breathing techniques, and vivid guided imagery are combined to give you a true "brain workout." These inner exercises actually increase your capacity for problem-solving and peak performance in all areas. 4 Cassettes.

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