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Chi Kung Meditations
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Chi Kung meditation is the art of using your mind to direct the flow of energy within your body. This energy - or "chi" - is the bioelectricity carried by your nervous system. Current physiological research has verified that these currents control your immune system, the regeneration of organ tissues, and the growth of muscle and bone. Controlling this energy flow is one key to good health. On Chi Kung Meditations, master instructor Ken Cohen presents three meditative exercises in intense and exacting detail. Teaches correct posture, awareness control, and cleansing the organs inside the body, with special attention given to proper breathing methods. Our best-selling meditation audiotape. Three forms of exercises include meditations to heal the body, the mind, and the spirit. Detailed instructions for ancient Taoist chant "She Who Hears the Sounds of The World," concludes the tape. 1 CASSETTE; 1 HOUR.

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