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Meditation for Optimum Health
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The first easy-to-learn meditation guide for achieving optimum mind/body health. The same ability that helps ordinary men and women achieve extraordinary success is also the secret to optimizing your lifespan, letting go of stress, and even enhancing your body's self-healing powers. In Meditation for Optimum Health, you will join bestselling authors Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn for a practical introduction that makes it simple to enjoy the life-changing benfits of meditation- even if you've never tried it before. Dr. WEil and Dr. Kabat-Zinn give you straight answers to the most common questions about meditation, and dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding this time-honored practice. Complete with real-life examples, and a proven program of step-by-step meditations to get you started, here is the perfect introduction to the oldest and most effective system for feeling better, naturally. 2 1/2 hours; 2 CDs.

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