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Guided Imagery for Groups
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Fifty Visualizations that Promote Relaxation, Problem-Solving, Creativity, and Well-Being. Practical yet imaginative . . . evocative scripts to stimulate creativity. For personal healing or team-building, affirmation or stress management, guided imagery is a powerful tool for groups in any setting. Highlights: 51 ready-to-use scripts complete with: Goals, Time, Materials, Special Considerations, Warm-ups, Group Processing Options; Eight categories of scripts: Preparation, Calming, Centering, Creativity Congruence, Clarity, Coping, Connectedness; Script lengths from 2 to 20 minutes; Tips for trainers; Bibliography; Music sources. PLUS Guided Imagery for Groups includes everything the new or experienced trainer needs to use imagery effectively: Relaxation Basics explains the types of relaxation and techniques for using them. Guided Imagery Basics introduces the use of imagery. Two ready-to-use relaxation routines, the 2-minute Quick Breath and the 20-minute Passive Progressive Relaxation, provide stress relief or serve as a warm-up to any of the scripts.

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