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Enzyme Therapy Basics: Powerful Remedies for Women
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Strengthen the body's defenses against disease--and enjoy glowing skin and youthful vigor, too! Enzymes are in the forefront of the fight against illness, alleviating pain and speeding the healing process in ailments associated with women--from osteoporosis to difficult pregnancies. They rush oxygen to blood cells, break down fat, transport essential vitamins and minerals throughout the body, and attack viruses and bacteria. Benefit from this amazingly successful form of therapy, through the specific preparations found here, diet, and exercise. Find out how enzymes work, and what happens when they malfunction. Try remedies for preventing varicose veins; relieving dental troubles; easing the aches of arthritis and rheumatism; staying fit and dynamic at any age; enhancing beauty; and more. There's information on both self and medically supervised treatment; an A to Z of enzyme therapies; facts on food and recipes; and a list of preparations. It's the gentle, risk-free way to health! 160 pages (all in color) Paperback

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