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Boost Your Vitality with Melatonin: Programming Your Internal Clock for Health & Well-Being
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Millions of people think it's a miracle drug--and legions of doctors agree. Melatonin boosts the immune system, assures a good night's rest, relieves jet lag, lowers cholesterol, and acts as a fountain of youth. You'll have more energy, you'll have better health, and you'll get more out of life. Find out exactly what melatonin is, how the body produces it naturally, and the latest scientific research on how to get this hormone to work most effectively for you! * The rhythm with which melatonin disperses through the body makes a big difference--and here's advice on when to take it for the best results! * Melatonin regulates "free radicals," which otherwise may become cancerous. * Lower the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and arterial damage by regulating cholesterol with Melatonin. * Reset your biological clock, and get your body in balance, at it's highest level of energy, and truly experience the joys of life. * Reduce the harmful effects of x-rays and ultraviolet rays. * Turn your body into an effective Melatonin "factory"--you can make it produce more on its own. * It's also effective help for lack of motivation, nervousness, irritability, and exhaustion. You'll know when to take this wonder drug, how much to take, and what lifestyle changes to make to promote a longer and healthier life! 96 pages (all in color) Paperback

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