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Prevention's Healing With Motion: An All-New Approach to Health and Healing Based on Simple Mind and Body Exercises (Hardcover) ISBN-13: 978-0875965338
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The Revolutionary NEW Way to Heal: You can turn MOVEMENT into MEDICINE! Instant Drug-FREE healing without strict diets, strenuous exercise, or popping a single pill! Discover 1,000 EASY ways to turn motion into medicine. · Short Attention Span? Try golf! So effective, doctors swear by it as a cure for Attention Deficit Disorder! See page 8! · Banish Energy Slumps! Push this button on your TV's remote control and watch afternoon energy slumps disappear! See page 15! · Tap Into Your Body's "Medicine Chest!" Use biofeedback to erase insomnia, headaches, migraines, and more! See page 70! · Dissolve Worry and Anxiety-- with nothing more than an ordinary pencil! See page 38! · Mental Aerobics can ease an asthma attack. Medically proven! See page 94! Everything you need to put today's greatest new health breakthroughs to work for you! Healing with Motion is truly revolutionary in its approach to health and healing. There are no pills to pop. No doctors to see. No strict diets to follow. And no sweaty exercises to do... Just safe, simple movements with the astonishing power to both prevent and heal your everyday health problems! Hardcover. 592 pages.

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