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Pregnancy and Birth : Your Questions Answered by Karina Reynolds, Grainne McCartan and Christopher C. Lees (1997, Paperback)
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Everything you wanted to know about having a baby. Do you have questions about pregnancy? Whether you are already pregnant or just thinking about having a baby, you probably have plenty. And yet somehow there's never enough time to ask during visits to the doctor -- or sometimes the questions arise only in the middle of the night. Here is authoritative, reassuring information and advice for any hour of the day or night. Pregnancy and Birth: Your Questions Answered is the book you'll want to keep on hand throughout your pregnancy and even after the birth of your child. It provides complete answers to hundreds of questions on every aspect of pregnancy and birth, from conception and prenatal care, through labor, and into the first six weeks of your baby's life. Written by a team of two obstetricians and a midwife, Pregnancy and Birth: Your Questions Answered offers up-to-date information in an accessible, easy-to-understand format. Hundreds of photographs, charts, and illustrations complete the picture, making this book an indispensable source of information and guidance for all prospective parents.


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