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This Too Shall Pass . . .Parenting an Adolescent
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Parenting adolescents is a major concern for working moms and dads today. And no wonder: Teenagers don't come with instructions. But there is hope--and help--with this four session video program from Family Resource Consultants. Videotaped live, each session in this high-energy series features an hour of rapid-fire insights, humorous examples, and practical parenting tips from the Phyllis Diller of family therapy, Deb DeWitz. Accompanying discussion guides and reproducible worksheet masters provide all the tools you need for an instant parenting workshop. The Parenting sessions are ideal for lending to families for home viewing and study. Four sessions include: 1.Why Can't They Be Like Us?: This video looks at how the American teen years have changed and why parenting needs to change to meet the world our kids will face. It examines the teen years developmentally to understand what tasks we must help them accomplish to prepare them for adulthood. 2.Buy Some Headphones!: The focus of this video looks at how and when to establish good communication with our teens, using specific techniques which work better, some to avoid, and how to recognize communication when it occurs. 3.My Parents Would Have Killed Me if I Had Done That!: This video looks at how discipline can be used as a learning experience for teenagers, checking out what works better with teens, what techniques do not assist us in this effort, and how to save your energy by being clear about what is important. 4.What to Pack for the Long Years of Adolescence--Or a Parent Survival Kit: The topic of this video is to look at what parents of teens can do to take care of THEMSELVES during this time, which can be difficult for parents, as well as teens. Finally, it takes a look at how we can work together better with other parents and other institutions. Each session includes: 60-minute video, Discussion guide, reproducible worksheets. Each session also sold separately, please call for details.

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