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Help Yourself to Health: Stress & Anxiety
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It affects your body and your mind. You worry, become agitated, have headaches, and maybe even experience tremors, fatigue, and high blood pressure. That's stress, and in our fast-paced, do-it-all world almost everyone suffers from it occasionally. Whether you're going through a temporary bout or the symptoms never seem to disappear, relief is at hand. You need to understand the origins of this emotion, its effects, and the variety of techniques that alleviate the you can choose the method that will work best for you. * Recognize stress factors, increase your resistance with lifestyle changes, and try self-help exercises, including deep breathing. * Experiment with complementary therapies: biofeedback, autogenics, hypnosis, imagery, meditation, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, physical exercise, natural medicines, and the Alexander technique. * See how to get professional assistance, if needed. You'll feel more relaxed just knowing that help has arrived! 96 pages (all in color)

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