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Changing Addictive Behavior
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This volume proposes that prevailing clinical approaches to treating alcoholism and drug abuse are actually best suited to a minority of substance users--those with severe physical dependence and significant functional impairment. What about persons with mild to moderate addictive behavior problems, for whom intensive treatment may prove too costly or disruptive? How can professionals avoid deterring such individuals from seeking help? Integrating clinical and public health perspectives, the book examines how traditional therapeutic treatments and 12-step groups can be supplemented by a range of cost-effective interventions that attract more substance abusers into helping environments; can be delivered in primary care, workplace, or community settings; include alternatives to abstinence-oriented treatments when appropriate; and draw upon new theory and research on the process of addictive behavior change. Preface Foreword, Glaser I. Reformulating the Addictive Behavior Change Process 1. Changing Addictive Behavior: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Tucker 2. From Hindsight to Foresight: A Commentary on Project MATCH, Marlatt 3. Public Health Perspectives on Access and Need for Substance Abuse Treatment, Schmidt and Weisner 4. Resolving Alcohol and Drug Problems: Influences on Addictive Behavior Change and Help-Seeking Processes, Tucker and King 5. Motivation for Behavior Change and for Treatment among Substance Abusers, Donovan and Rosengren 6. Critical Perspectives on the Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change, Joseph, Breslin, and Skinner 7. Behavioral Economics as a Framework for Organizing the Expanded Range of Substance Abuse Interventions, Vuchinich II. Expanding the Range of Behavior Change Initiatives 8. Public Health Perspective on Addictive Behavior Change Interventions: Conceptual Frameworks and Guiding Principles, Curry and Kim 9. Brief Interventions for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Problems, Zweben and Fleming 10. Potential Contributions of the Community Reinforcement Approach and Contingency Management to Broadening the Base of Substance Abuse Treatment, Higgins 11. Increasing the Impact of Nicotine Dependence Treatment: Conceptual and Practical Considerations in a Stepped-Care Plus Treatment-Matching Approach, Abrams, Clark, and King 12. Stepped Care for Alcohol Problems: An Efficient Method for Planning and Delivering Clinical Services, M. B. Sobell and L. C. Sobell 13. Evaluation of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in the Era of Managed Care: The Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis, McEldowney and Heilman 72 Spring StreetNew York, NY 10012tel: (800) 365-7006or (212) 431-9800fax: (212) 200 Pages

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