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Stress Less Revolution
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In The StressLess Revolution, author Karina Joy Stephens, award-winning entrepreneur, author, and transformational speaker, shares her story of being burnt out, stressed out, and maxed out, before she “checked out,” surviving but not thriving. She narrates how chronic stress robs us of our personal power, how fatigue enervates our life force, and how struggle depletes us. Stephens showcases the strategies to live a less stressful life. In The StressLess Revolution, she discusses how to: • create a stress defense shield so stress can never have the same effect again; • discover how easy it is to make stress your new best friend; • step into the stress-less kitchen and learn how to eat intuitively and magnify your life force; • to shed weight permanently by doing less; • slow down physically, ramp up energetically, and achieve more; • remove the physical and energetic blocks to affluence, ease, and joy; and • receive guided visualizations, meditations, energy medicine, and healing techniques designed to break through stress, struggle, and fatigue forever. The StressLess Revolution teaches that you don't have to struggle to know affluence and joy. Stephens tells how to let go of the struggle, stress, and burnout and begin to live a life of ease and abundance.

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