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Product/Program Testimonials Feel Better Kit “Participation in the Feel Better Kit was easily woven into my daily schedule. I learned to recognize stressors and to deal with them effectively. Sometimes it was tempting to skip a session if I didn’t feel stressed at the time, but sticking to it really did help me feel better! It had very attractive packaging and presentation. The material is inviting and it encourages participation. I liked the balanced approach in acknowledging the mind/body connection, which was very important” -P.B., Hickory, NC “I would recommend the Feel Better Kit because it tells you the correct ways of eating, and overall stress dealing. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m letting my mother read and hear what you have to say for her stress handling. I also feel that the cassette tapes are lovely. Everything comes in a nice little box to hold it all” -M.R., Houston, MS “I would recommend this product to another club member. It helped me tremendously. I feel that I got to know my feelings and myself more because it taught me how to relax. I realize now how important it is to take care of me first. I feel like a brand new person. The presentation of the kit is beautiful. The layout of the book made it easy to use. I love the smell of the scented candle” -J.L., Copiague, NY “I would recommend this product to others. I work many hours and stress is always present. I found this program helpful in relieving some of my stress, but I believe I really need to go through the program more than once (for me anyway) to help me to really relax (something that doesn’t come easy for me as I am constantly on the go)”-D.P., Moosup, CT “I feel this kit when used properly will essentially lower the stress of the user. It covered many different ways i.e. tapes, bath oils, meditation, diary to attack the individual’s stress, which was very effective”-C.R., Akron, OH “It is easy to use and a product that you really want to get in and use right away! It is beneficial even if you don’t finish the Kit. The caffeine part helped me and it was very informative. I don’t have one negative thing to say about the FBK!” -D. E., Deerfield, IL “It has good information and is put together well to manage your stress!”- M. W., Erie, IL “I like that it doesn’t focus on one aspect of healing, it pulls in the whole picture! It seems to include everything: fitness, yoga, aromatherapy and numerous ways to help you manage stress in the way you want to choose. It provided so many options there for you already at your fingertips!” -J. H., Woodbridge, VA “Just the ticket. It helped me tremendously manage and reduce my stress. I never had an effective way to manage my stress before using the Stress Less Feel Better Kit!” -S. K., Joliet, IL “It is very peaceful and having it has helped me relax. It has also helped my daughter sleep because she has had problems sleeping through the night. It is beautifully put together and the products are very helpful, especially for the baths that I like to take!” -P. L., Long Beach, CA “The programs are helpful and the tapes help me to relax! I like the different relaxation tapes and the order that they are in! The kit is also useful because it gives structured exercises and they are tested tools that work.” -N.B., Concord, CA “It is well balanced and easy to understand and follow. The kit is put together beautifully and is the best thing I have ever seen. It is great to use because it combines a lot of things like diet and mental training” -S.B., Pleasant Plain, IL “The kit is so comprehensive and covered a lot of stuff. It is very easy to read and also very easy to use” -D.G., Warminster, PA “I liked the kit and especially the relaxation tapes, they really helped me to relax” -J.P., Slidell, LA “The kit was very well put together and easy to follow. There was a lot of information to use and learn!” -J.L., Sacramento, CA “I liked how the kit was set-up and the different aspects of it. I especially liked the relaxation tapes that come along with the program” -J.B., Atlanta, GA "I enjoyed the relaxation cassette tapes a lot. The Feel better Kit and the relaxation tapes have helped me to relax and they are always there for me when I need them!"-A.U., Hendersonville, NV "I have used the Feel Better Kit and have enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoy the integration of the kit because it covers everything and not just one aspect of relaxation. I especially liked the meditation and relaxation parts of the kit." -S.B., Pleasant Plain, IL. "I love the total package of the Feel Better Kit. I like how you can do a lot of things like relaxation techniques, calming exercises, taking time to look at your life, etc. I really enjoy the audio relaxation tapes and the introductory video. I also like the fact that it is always there for me to go back to when I don't have the time to use it." -J.F., Oradell, NJ "I like the way the Feel Better Kit is set-up and presented. I enjoy the entire kit and very much enjoy using it.” -P.P., Hapeville, GA "I have used the Feel Better Kit and think that it has helped me to relax and feel better. I like listening to the relaxation cassettes, especially the tranquil meditation tape."-G.B., Los Angeles Stress Away In 30 Days Relaxation Tapes “I especially loved the Relaxation Tape to help me learn to relax so I could sleep at night. I used it over and over for a while, now I am able to go to sleep without listening to it – so it must have worked! I loaned it to a friend who got the same results I did from the tape.” -V.G., Brookline, MA “I gave it as a gift to a friend of mine who thought the tapes were very helpful.” -L.E., Chicago, IL “ The tapes were very helpful. We even gave three of them to our son who is very highly stressed out and they were helpful to him as well. We still use them on an “Off and On Basis” now.” C.P., Ventnor City, NJ “I used them over and over to where I knew what they were going to say next. Now, when I’m in the car or other places and feel a stressful situation coming on, I can remember what the tape said to do and I do it and it helps.” -L.W., Southold, NY “The Stress Away in 30 Days Program is absolutely marvelous! I use the tapes to sleep at night and I can’t get to sleep without them. They have really changed my life!” -N.W., Columbus, NC “The Stress Away in 30 Days Program is wonderful! It has helped me to relax and I have learned some beneficial relaxation techniques!” -P.P., Freeland, PA Individual Tapes (Relax 2) “I use this relaxation program a lot and it has certainly helped me reduce the stress in my life. It also has helped me sleep at night, which is something I was having trouble with” -G.M., Providence, RI “I think the program is great and it has helped me out a lot. I use it to wind down before I go to bed at night and it helps to me to sleep through the night” -D.B., Belvider, IL (Mellow Muscles) “I have used the mellow muscles cassette and I like it. I think it has helped me relax” -A.C., Southampton, PA “I really like the mellow muscles program. I especially like the stretching techniques that I have learned” -V.C., Lancaster, CA (Relax From Head to Toe) “I like this cassette and it helps me to relax when I am stressed out” -L.F., Norco, CA (Let It Go) “I have used the cassette several times and it has given me many great breathing techniques. It has also helped to reduce my stress” -C.S., Glencoe, MO (Warming Words) “I use the cassette intensely and it has helped me a great deal. It also helps me to alleviate a lot of stress. Whenever I am feeling down or stressed I know exactly where to turn to” -J.P., New York, NY (Tranquil Meditation) “I use the cassette and I enjoy it. I like to use it before I go to sleep at night because it helps to relax and calm myself down” -M.C., Waterford, MI (Peace of Mind) “Along with spiritual healing, I definitely believe that the cassette helped me to relax and reduce the stress in my life” -G.H., New York, NY Minding the Body “It helped me to focus and relax when thinking of weight loss and exercise” - L.M. ,Union Dale, PA “One of my favorite ways of spending time for myself” -J.M., Glenbrook, NV “This is a positive program that has helped me to be more aware of what I have eaten and the emotions that are involved in that” -N.S., Chapel Hill, NC “The program has been very useful and has helped me control my eating habits. I have even given it to a friend of mine and she has also seen the benefits” -B.K., Alameda, CA “The program has really helped me a lot and I have used the entire tape. It really helps to control my eating during those peak hunger hours throughout the day when I crave food the most. I will continue to use it as much as I can” -K.E., La Jolla, CA Reflections Music (CD) “I listen to the tape at home and work, but the best results and help it has given me is when I am stuck in this awful Atlanta traffic. Road rage is all around on the highways…all drivers need this tape to calm down in rush hour.”-D.K., Atlanta, GA Vitamins/Herbs (Kava) “The product worked great and it made me unwind before I went to bed!” -C.B., Big Bend, WI (St. John’s Wort) “It helped me relax when I was stressed out at work. I would take the vitamins when I had too many things to do throughout the day and it would allow me to become relaxed for a short while. This would enable me to generate more energy to get my work done!” -S.D., Redwood, CA (Glucosamine Sulfate) “I use the capsules and they work well. Between using the glucosamine sulfate and massage therapy, the pain in my knee has diminished and I now do not require surgery!” -S.P., Lakeland, FL (DHEA) “I could tell a slight difference in the aging process after I used the capsules for a month or so” -P.W.,Longmont, CO (CoQ10) “The capsules have worked great and I have seen results in my energy levels” -A.S., Egg Harbor City, NJ (Allergy Relief) “The allergy relief vitamins have definitely worked and the good thing about them is that they don’t have the side effects like prescription drugs do” -L.R., North Hampton, NH (Grape Seed Extract) “I have used the grape seed extract and have not gotten sick in quite some time. I really do think that they work to build my immune system up” -J.W., Wickham, IL (PMS Relief) “I have taken the capsules after I had surgery and for that certain time of the month. I feel that they have helped and have regulated my mood swings” -M.D., Ft.Lauderdale, FL (Sleep Aid) “The capsules have enabled me to sleep through the night. I would definitely buy them again” -V.H., Hubis, CA (Echinacea) “I think the capsules have worked great for me so far. After taking them I have not had any asthma attacks” -D.M., Alton, IL (Super Antioxidant) “I think this is a great product and that it works. I have not gotten sick since I started taking these capsules” -A.T., Chatsworth, CA (Vitamin E) “I like the vitamins and herbs because they are all natural as opposed to prescription drugs. I am a very stressful person and take on a lot of responsibility. The Vitamin E capsules help me to relax and calm myself down” -A.T., Pittsburgh, PA (Ginkgo) “I use the Ginkgo capsules frequently and think they have worked. They help me to become more alert and give me more energy” -R. R., Anchorage, AK (Ginseng) “I have used the capsules and think they have helped me. They have made me feel much better”-K. A., Bellevue, NE Website “I like the look of the website. OUTSTANDING!” “A friend said that life is too short to work only for a paycheck. She was right. I’ve ordered your catalog and will recommend your site to whoever asks me.” “Your site is great!” “So far in my looking at stress sites yours is one of the best. Thanks.” “Hello...your site is spectacular!” “I loved your website” “Thank you for a very informative website” On-Line Counseling “I would like to express my thanks to you for providing this service. I have accomplished more with Dr. Fair in ½ hour than I would have in a month on my own. I probably would not have taken the steps to contact someone in Pittsburgh directly to help me manage my stress levels. I felt that your site provided me with an easy way to get help. The entire site (self-eval forms, books, tapes, etc.) was extremely helpful and easy to use.” Chris Foot, PA “What a wonderful, comforting, and thoughtful thing for Stressless to sponsor. Dr. Fair called me today and was more than helpful. By the end of his call, I felt as though I had talked with an old friend who called to offer solace. He is extremely empathetic and this service is greatly appreciated. Thank you.” Peace. Diane Sprung, SC On-Line Anxiety Program “It is very easy to use and understand and works well over the net. I enjoyed it very much and appreciated its simplicity and straightforward approach. Thanks again for this program, I am sure it will be a big success! I am definitely going to have another go with it. “ -G.W., United Kingdom “I never thought about what anxiety can do to you. This program really made me stop and think. It was a real eye-opener and I really liked the stretching and yoga techniques that the Doctor spoke about” -H.S., Wilmington, DE Catalog “Stress Less catalog has superb, useful and wonderful products” Catalog Age magazine “Love the products in your catalog.” “I just received your catalog for the first time and am duly impressed” Online Stress Assessment These 17 page “personalized assessments” are e-mailed three days after completing the 211 questions. To date, over 16,000 assessments have been mailed with a 1.34% order conversion rate at an average check of $56.00 and average order taken place three months after the test results. “You have provided a positive service, I will be purchasing some materials from you in the near future. Thanks for your assistance. I viewed the online site again and am very impressed with the professional quality of your products. Thank you for all you've done for so many! “Nothing, you all are all so great. Your information is very helpful.” “Thank God someone understands! (that was so uplifting and a medicine of its own). 2. Helping me to focus and not feel I was going mad. 3. Giving me guidelines and a structure, which is possible to follow. Thank you so much.”” “Stress Less has been helpful already. The test itself helped me do a better job of pinpointing my stressors. It's normally thought to be this or that, but I've come to understand the cumulative effects of a stress filled life” “I think Stress Less was the catalyst for starting a program. I knew I was stressed, but to actually break it out and realize how the stress was affecting my emotional and physical health, was quite another. Thanks!” “I’d like to thank you for your co-operation and support. its good to know there are people in the world who genuinely care. thanks again”. “Very great way of analyzing the information and clear and concise. Thank you.” “I will purchase the books, tapes, etc. which were suggested. These are things I did not know about which were helpful.” “It offers very valuable information, becoming aware of the impacts of stress and how to cope with it is invaluable.” “Just keep providing the useful products you do in your catalog, and perhaps e-mail those who took the assessment once in a while to give encouragement. Thank you so much for your response.” “I can tell you that I was very, very impressed with the thoroughness of it and I think you offer a very good service.” “First of all thank you for all the information. Now I will sort through it and set my mind to start the program. This sounds what I have been looking for.” “I am really pleased about the program and think it's a great idea. Thanks!” “So far in my looking at stress sites yours is one of the best. Thanks.” “STRESS LESS IS RIGHT ON TIME!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK” “I know none of us like unsolicited mail, so here's a weird one. Send me some.. periodically. I liked your message and your company’s goals.” “You've done a great job!! Thanks! I am destressing myself when I leave for vacation and continuing after I return!!! It should be good. I’m using a lot of your helpful tips!” “Stress Less has already done plenty for me. I just have to implement the ideas that were recommend. As I prepare to get back to school, I will develop my own step-by-step plan. Thanks.” “Your site was motivating and helpful. I also felt understood and not so alone. Keep up the great work. People need it. Thank you.” “excellent program - right on target! I plan to become an affiliate.” “I think this program can help throughout all my daily activities for the rest of my life thank you so much.” “I do want to thank you for your website and I assure you that I will be a frequent visitor. I've just got to control the stress in my life and hope your site will help me reach my goals. Thanks again!” “I am in counseling but have been surprised by all the free information available over the internet. Stress Less has been one of the sites I have found to be most helpful.” “You provided new insight into a really tough problem. I have been diagnosed (by three different doctors) as having PTSD. It's a little like losing a leg in the war...but no one can see it. They only see that I don't work right. They also can't see what it is to be too afraid to get up in the morning, or to avoid important meetings because I can't stand the exposure at that moment. Perhaps the best thing you have done is to allow me to deconstruct the anxiety, giving me small pieces. Perhaps I can gain specific skills that will help me to turn down the stress and thereby turn down the anxiety. The only real danger in all of this is that some night I may not be able to tolerate the terror....then death seems like as good an option as any. Thanks for your help. I'll be in touch.” “I was very impressed with the service - I need now to make time to go through it again slowly, think about it, and start to make changes as necessary.” “Thank you for your suggestions. I will immediately incorporate some of them into my life. It will take me time to assimilate all of this. I appreciate your time!” “First of all, thanks for your reply. The information was helpful and I plan to review the products to purchase to help ease my stress.” “Stress Less already has been helpful just in the fact that you replied as promptly as you did. So I do want to thank you for your prompt attention to my situation and offering your services.” “I’m hoping it will further educate me in areas of reducing stress. I plan on adhering to the advice the people at stress-less have given me. thank you for your time and co-operation, and the willingness to help me personally.” “I know what I need to do; I just need to make myself do it. Your stress less test just made me admit some things I guess I didn't always admit to myself. So, that was very beneficial and a definite eye opener. Thank you.”

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