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Stress Less® Free, Personalized Stress Assessment
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This Stress Less® comprehensive 211 lifestyle questionaire will provide you with an immediate four page summary of your stress situation with valuable suggestions for improvement. At that stage, you may elect to receive a personalized 15 page recommendation which will arrive in your e-mail box within three days. Your personal analysis provides a comprehensive lifestlye management program that will help you on the road to controlling and improving your well-being and overall health. See a sampling of what over 1,000,000 people who have taken the quiz have said under Testimonials below. Tags: stressless stress less stress-less

Testimonials You have provided a positive service, I will be purchasing some materials from you in the near future. Thanks for your assistance. I viewed the online site again and am very impressed with the professional quality of your products. Thank you for all you've done for so many! Nothing you all are all so great. Your information is very helpful. Stress Less has been helpful already. The test itself helped me do a better job of pin-pointing my stressors. It's normally thought to be this or that, but I've come to understand the cumulative effects of a stress filled life. I think Stress Less was the catalyst for starting a program. I knew I was stressed, but to actually break it out and realize how the stress was affecting my emotional and physical health, was quite another. Thanks! Id like to thank you for your co-operation and support.its good to know there are people in the world who geuinely care. thanks again. Very great way of analyzing the information and clear and concsice. Thank you. I will purchase the books, tapes, etc. which were suggested. These are things I did not know about which were helpful. It offers very vauable information, becoming aware of the impacts of stress and how to cope with it is invaluable Just keep providing the useful products you do in your catalog, and perhaps e-mail those who took the assessment once in a while to give encouragement. Thank you so much for your response. 1. Thank God someone understands!(that was so uplifting and a medicine of its own). 2. Helping me to focus and not feel I was going mad. 3. Giving me guidelinesand a structure which is possible to follow. Thank you so much. I can tell you that I was very, very impressed with the thoroughness of it and I think you offer a very good service. First of all thank you for all the information. Now I will sort through it and set my mind to start the program. This sounds what I have been looking for. I am really pleased about the program and think it's a great idea. Thanks! So far in my looking at stress sites yours is one of the best. Thanks. STRESS LESS IS RIGHT ON TIME!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I know none of us like unsolicited mail, so here's a weird one. Send me some.. periodically. I liked your message and your companies goals You've done a great job!! Thanks! I am destressing myself when i leave for vacation and continuing after I return!!! It should be good. Im using a lot of your helpful tips! Stress Less has already done plenty for me. I just have to implement the ideas that were recommend. As I prepare to get back to school, I will develop my own step-by-step plan. Thanks. Your site was motivating and helpful. I also felt understood and not so alone. Keep up the great work. People need it.Thank you. excellant program - right on target! I plan to become an affiliate. i think this program can help throughout all my daily activities for the rest of my life thank youso much I do want to thank you for your website and I assure you that I will be a frequent visitor. I've just got to control the stress in my life and hope your site will help me reach my goals. Thanks again! I am in counseling but have been surprised by all the free information available over the internet. Stress Less has been one of the sites I have found to be most helpful. You provided new insight into a really tough problem. I have been diagnosed (by three differenty doctors) as having PTSD. It's a little like losing a leg in the war...but no one can see it. They only see that I don't work right. They also can't see what it is to be too afraid to get up in the morning, or to avoid important meetings because I can't stand the exposure at that moment. Perhaps the best thing you have done is to allow me to deconstruct the anxiety, giving me small pieces. Perhaps I can gain specific skills that will help me to turn down the stress and thereby turn down the anxiety. The only real danger in all of this is that some night I may not be able to tolerate the terror....then death seems like as good an option as any. Thanks for your help. I'll be in touch. I was very impressed with the service - I need now to make time to go through it again slowly, think about it, and start to make changes as necessary Thank you for your suggestions. I will immediately incorporate some of them into my life. It will take me time to assimilate all of this. I appreciate your time! First of all, thanks for your reply. The infornmation was helpful and I plan to review the products to purchase to help ease my stress. Stress Less already has been helpful just in the fact that you replied as promptly as you did.So I do want to thank you for your prompt attention to my situation and offering your services. im hoping it will further educate me in areas of reducing stress. i plan on adhering to the advise the people at stress-less have given me. thank you for your time and co-operation, and the willingness to help me personally. I know what I need to do, I just need to make mysel do it. Your stress less test just made me admit some things I guess I didn't always admit to myself. So, that was very beneficial and a definite eye opener. Thank you. You have already done your job and I thank you. I think it is all up to me to apply your suggestions into my life. I have to learn to not take on so much and then I will be able to handle things. I have incorporated some of the techniques into my daily routines and found them very helpful. Proper regular exercise has helped tremendously. I am currently awaiting delivery of the Feeling Good Handbook and intend to work through it. I have purchased some classical music set with nature sounds such as waterfall, ocean ect. and use that for relaxation breathing. I have already recommended your site to a friend. I thank you for your help and as time permits, I will keep you posted! i found the sight informative useful, and I will use your on-line shopping system in the future in particular for presents for others I am taking it to my physician this morning for review and will implement the recommendations. I am currently attending anger management classes and will be incorporating stress management and anxiety control into my program. I have already used several of your suggestions. Thanks again, Teri I am grateful for the feed back and the opportunities provided thankyou. I'll check your catalog online for products mentioned in the email recs. Being able to quickly & easily find helpful products is important & useful. I do appreciate the advice that I received. I was also happy to see that you did not require a membership in order for me to receive your advice. I will do some of the things on my own time the recomendations were helpful and showed me some very simple things that I can do to improve my life. Recommending appropriate tools - tapes and books - and making it very easy for me to purchase those tools is most helpful. Thank you. I now have a printout of some very beneficial reminders - If I were suffereing from a great deal more symptoms I would have sought help through my doctor however I am not and this was just a good opportunityto self check where I'm at. I appreciated the fast feedback and I will be reading and re-reading the information you sent to see where and how I can make changes. Thank you I believe it has helped me knowing that there is a site that I can turn to at at anytime. Thanks. I have gone to an MD,like you sugested, and am now taking an anti-depresant, effexor. I still have a long road to travel,and although I already knew most of what you said, it's hard to think rationally when your in the grips of an anxiety attack. It truely helps to know that help is so close and there are people that care. Well, thank-you for being concerned about me, hope to hear from you again. If I could just maintain the program, or even part of it for a couple of months I think it woule start to become habit. Thanks for the recommendations. Pm I can't even begin to digest all of the lifestyle changes I'll need to be making based on this recommendation, so I'm going to be taking this report to my therapist. Cancel the holidays...;) Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking into the books recommended. it gave me new ground to tavel, the information was very good, need to digest it and more then likely dothe program thanks for help It already has been. Thanks! CONTINUE TO PROVIDE WAYS TO HELP US BE "STRESS LESS"!! At least I can see better now what areas need attention. I have taken steps by seeing my family doctor. Some of his suggestions matched yours. Thanks for your help I think this program will be just what I need. Maybe I will be able to loose weight and feel better about myself. Thank You. You've already provided the help. Sometimes just takes a nudge to get you started on things you already knew you had to do. Thanks. Just seeing things in black & white helped a great deal. I will venture through the program and try to elmininate problem areas one by one. Thanks. It pointed out what I need to work on and once you know what you're doing wrong then you can fix it. On the internet there is information, but it can be too much for a person to swallow. Stress Less was helpful in that it provided a definite place to start. You're already very helpful. The books and tapes suggested helped me pinpoint the help I needed. I should say I felt the suggestions for the books & tapes were excellent because those are good starts for self-help. I really liked the profile The assessment seemed very thorough. Appreciated the fast response. It gave me direction as to what areas of my work and home life need improvement. It also gave me the ambition to get started on a less stressed life. My father had 2 stress attacks before he was 38. I don't want to follow in his footsteps. Just completeting the 1st questionnaire made me think about stress and it's causes and will force me into thinking and awareness of me stress levels. The information you sent has already been of help, thankyou appreciate the information,now I will try some of the techniques suggested. well i guess i have to deal with my stress just what my doctor says. Keep giving me helpful hints and ideas of what to do. There should definitely be communication involved, almost everyday. Keep up the good helpful hints. IN PIN POINTING THE DEGREE OF STRESS IN MY LIFE HELPED START REDUCTION OF STRESS, THE EXCERCISING INCREASES THE ENERGY LEVEL AND IN MY CASE BUILDS UP MUSCLE. WHICH INCREASES MY THOUGHTS TO BETTER MY EATTING HABITS. . I plan to begin this program for stress management as soon as I have the time available to devote to myself. At that point I may have to contact you again for an update and direction to take in order to make this program work for me! Thanks for your time and concern As a free service, I greatly appreciate the time you took to give me the information you did. Thanks you. It helps to know that there is someone out there that realizes that people do have problems with stress. pointed out the problem areas that I was unaware of before.I am a nurse, so I pretty much know what to do, just didn't realize what the problem entailed, exactly.Thanks I am very interested in trying some of the techniques and programs that were mentioned because I am tired of having stress rule my life. I will be checking out some of the programs. Thank you for providing this service! i hope to start the program very soon and i know that it will be very helpful to me. thank you. You have a pretty good information sourse helping others to understand stress. gives you the building blocks to beatstress Made me see things in a different light, Thankyou! I am already making plans to begin and exercise program and nutrition program. I already know that will make a major improvement in my life. I think I just needed the thought confirmed. "Smile" Thank you very much for all of your help. Gave me the right guidelines on which top work from I willbe looking at the books recommended before buying. I will look through or request a copy of the catalog from this website. I am seeking professional therapist assistance with these problems. Thank you very much for all your help and for shedding light on my issues and needs. Thank You, your site is really different and what you said in the analysis makes a lot of sense. I will tell others about your page. giving me the information which will be helpful in my completing program and help me understand As this was my first time using your service, I was surprised as to how helpful it was. Thank you for the helpful information I am just beginning to explore stress less. I think it can be very valuable and I like the coaching that is available etc. Thank you for the program and please keep it up Knowing that I can find help, now I feel much better. I want to thank you. The assesment was very good. It give me the chance to look at things I never though about and how to handle them. You already have. Thanks I for the first time recognized how stressfull my job really was...The whole time I thought it was my family that was causing the stress. Thankyou for the help! I have an appointment at a local hospital to see about partial hospitalization so I may continue to work. Thank you for your help. I appreciate this being available on the net. I have no friend to explain my situation to and you were that friend on that day. God Bless You You already have! I have been hospitalized do to the effects of stress. I'm hoping that what I have learned here will help me to start to reduce to effects of stress. It has already given me helpful advice and even recommendations on how to start plus gave me people to talk to via email if I need help. I know where to start and it makes me feel like I will succed in reducing stress. It looks like it will help me relax. Some things are going better right now but I will remember the program. Thank you. the helpful suggestions you have given me will suffice very well. thank you very much. am seeing a counseler now and will try to incorporate some of the things with his help I know what I need to do by what you were very very helpful..I just need the motivation and figure out a starting point and work my way through the plan. Thanks for all you have done!!! You already have by giving me some things to work on. Thanks?? You did just what I hoped could be done. Thanks! By sticking to the program outlined and hope to achieve as much as I possibly can. At least I now know that there is a Web Site out there that can help me. It was already helpful by giving me ideas for where to start. I would like to be more involved but cannot afford it at this time, so I will utilize the info. that was given. thank you It provided me with several helpful tips. I am currently receiving counseling but it is nice to see other points of view! My parents have divorced and it has been very difficult. Thanks!! IT GIVES ME A PLACE TO BEGIN FIRST REALIZING WHERE I NEED ASSISTANCE. IT HELPS WITH A GREAT APPROACH TO THIS CRUCIAL PROCESS. Just being mindful of it will help. I am already trying to take steps to manage stress, and some of the suggestions you gave serve as good reminders. Thank you for your recommendations. . It was a very interesting test with very interesting results. Some of which I will apply to my life and some of which I will not, or at least will not at this point in my life. Reaffirmed things I already knew I needed to be doing...Sometimes it takes hearing it from someone else to become motivated to take charge of the situation. You've been very helpful in just pointing out a path to follow. I printed a copy of the assessment so I can read it regularly It has shown me some important steps to take in beginning to work on my biggest areas of stress. Thanks Gives perspective and organization. Thank you for a sufficient amount of information to help me realize that I need to start managing my stress. you have already been very helpful to me as soon as I can afford the tapes, videos, and books I will be doing the program. As for now I've just been rereading my assement from you it also has helped. I'm also started taking zoloft and xanax. They are really holding me together.Thank-you for your time and trouble in helping me. Be patient with one and keep doing what you are already doing to help. you're doing your job it's up to me to do the rest thanks It's up to me to do it - it just seems so overwhelming because I'm under so much stress! Thanks for the site. It gives me the detailed explanations of how to do the excercises....That helps alot. You confirmed what I "thought" to be. I need to get out of this line of work, and leave this EMPLOYER!!! It was helpful for me to analyze the areas of my life that are stressors. You have given me some tools to work with. thank you. It gives me helpful tips on how to handle stress and what steps to take to reduce my daily stress level. It made me see that I should probably seek the help of my doctor. It gives me a starting place to look at the problems in my life. I just need to face them and change them. Thank you for the chance to take this test and maybe try to focus on those areas of most sress and see if i can do my best to change them. stressless stress less stress-less

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