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How to Build High Self Esteem by Jack Canfield
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It's time to wake up and smell the cappuccino. Life isn't a spectator sport.Quit sleepwalking through your days. Let Jack Canfield's How to Build High Self-Esteem audiotapes jumpstart all areas of your life and ratchet up your excitement level. They are designed to empower you to overcome negative thinking. Can the complacency; beat the blahs; defeat the doldrums.Jack Canfield approaches his subject in an easy-going manner, and listening to these tapes is as comforting as a visit with a friend. They are packed with anecdotes used as illustrations, exercises designed to improve self-esteem, and Canfield's warm humor. He teaches us, the listeners, specific techniques to apply to day-to-day life and enables us to face the future with confidence. We will no longer be satisfied with merely a mediocre existence. Canfield's tapes are like a friendly hand on my shoulder and an "Attagirl, you can do it!" in my ear.How to Build High Self-Esteem came highly recommended by Tom Lagana, co-author of the upcoming release Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul. Tom has devoted his life to bringing out the best in others, and this recommendation hits the bull's eye.You owe it to yourself to allow How to Build High Self-Esteem to enable you to fulfill your potential and realize your dreams.

High self-esteem isn't a luxury. It's a necessity for anyone who has important goals to achieve. And it's no secret that happy, successful people get more done. Jack Canfield, co-creator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, teaches why it is so important that we take charge of creating our own self esteem, how to handle rejection wisely, why personal growth is uncomfortable, how to have a positive focus and control your self-talk, to acknowledge and affirm your strengths, and overcome depression so you can walk tall with confidence.

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