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The Manage It! Video Course-CD
Sale Price: $599.95
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Emphasize the "management" in stress management with Manage It! These videos teach powerful skills for handling stress at home and on the job. Plus, each video teaches a different relaxation technique to use again and again to manage stress. 1.Stress Traps- In this session, participants focus on the "big picture." They learn how to identify their own stressors and how to avoid the three most common stress traps: misperception, misspending, and overcontrol. They also learn the important stress management skills of relabeling, prioritizing, and letting go. 2.Stress Overload- No matter what your lifestyle, stress sometimes piles up! In this skill-packed session, participants learn how to identify stress overload and explore three important types of stress management strategies--emergency skills for surviving an immediate crisis, short-term skills for managing chronic, recurring stress, and long-term skills for making healthy lifestyle adjustments. 3.Interpersonal Conflict- Nothing is more important to overall well-being than relationships. In this session, participants learn to identify the relationship stressors that can affect their lives. They develop communication and relationship skills to help minimize conflict, deal with difficult people, and build a positive network of support. 4.Addictive Patterns- Many negative, addictive behaviors, such as overeating, arguing, smoking or drinking too much, have a single common thread--stress. This session investigates the relationship between stress and negative coping patterns. It helps participants recognize the destructive cycle and develop a range of health-enhancing alternatives for managing stress. 5.Job Stress- Stress can turn any job into drudgery--but it doesn't have to be that way! Participants will assess their job stress by identifying drainers and energizers in the workplace. They learn the symptoms to watch for, the beliefs that feed into stressful patterns on the job, and the skills for coping with the pressures of their work setting. 6.Survival Skills- Life changes constantly. Old tried-and-true stress management strategies may have worked in the past, but are they still effective? In this session, participants reevaluate their current coping patterns and their personal values. Then they set goals and make a plan to develop a new repertoire of effective coping skills. Get six videos for the price of five and save $129.00 when you buy the whole set!

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