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Making Healthy Choices Video Set
Sale Price: $599.95
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Making Healthy Choices Includes all 6 sessions (also sold separately) Each session includes: 20-minute video Leader Guide 5 Participant Guides Making Healthy Choices addresses the key wellness issues facing people today. Each of us makes daily choices about what to eat, who we spend our time with, how we react to changes and challenges in our lives, and which activities we engage in. 1.Healthy Lifestyle: This session introduces the five key areas of wellness: eating, exercise, stress management, relationships, and life changes. Participants examine their own lifestyle and level of wellness and discover how the everyday choices they make, large and small, affect their health and well-being. 2.Healthy Eating: Go beyond the food pyramid and labeling guidelines to examine why people eat. This session examines the myths our culture has built up around eating and weight. Participants receive simple ideas for improving their diet through healthier shopping, food preparation, and eating habits. 3.Healthy Exercise: This session shows participants that exercise can be part of a normal lifestyle and that it doesn't have to hurt to be effective. The videotape also demonstrates how exercises for flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning can be part of everyday life. Participants explore the activities they enjoy, then plan ways to make those activities a regular part of their daily living. 4.Healthy Stress: Stress can be healthy. This session describes physical and emotional reactions to stress and stimulates participants to examine their own lives. Participants will assess their stress levels and their coping mechanisms. 5.Healthy Relationships: Good relationships are essential for good health. This session examines the positive and negative roles relationships can play in health and wellness. Participants learn four important factors for building supportive relationships and six ways to nurture those healthy relationships. 6.Healthy Change: This session shows participants who have decided to pursue better health how to begin. By focusing their attention on the specific changes they want to make they develop a list of goals and a plan to make whatever changes are necessary for a healthier life. Get six videos for the price of five and save $129.00 when you buy the whole set!

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