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Resiliency Map from ESSI Systems
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Build Resiliency with Essi Systems Essi Systems' Definition of Resilience: "Resilience is the ability to bounce back after failures, disappointments or setbacks, to be adaptable and flexible and to renew your sense of vitality." -- Esther M. Orioli Constant and relentless pressures can wear us down, burn us out, or hurt us physically and mentally. However, once we learn how to use it, our resilient natures can buoy us during setbacks or times of difficulty, and bring us health and personal vitality throughout our lives. Essi Systems' Resiliency Map™ moves beyond stress and burnout to help you explore your resiliency demands, assets and current levels of functioning. Resiliency Map™ pinpoints your strengths and vulnerabilities, detects areas of caution and strain, and helps you chart new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance. Resiliency Map™ Questionnaire: • Measures resiliency factors on 21 scales • Completed in less than an hour • Confidential, self-administered format Resiliency Map™ Scoring Grid: • Visually maps personal patterns • Pinpoints resiliency strengths and vulnerabilities • Targets positive performance Resiliency Map™ Interpretation Guide: • Provides a definition for each scale • Bolsters a "take charge" attitude • Includes tips for learning that build skills and enhance competencies.

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