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Emotional Intelligence Map Test
Sale Price: $29.95
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EQ Map® is an extensively researched, norm-tested, and statistically reliable instrument used to measure emotional intelligence. It is self-administered, confidential, and easy-to-use and understand. The EQ Map® comes complete with a questionnaire, scoring grid, interpretation guide, and action planning worksheets. The EQ Map® integrates over 90 distinct bodies of research on emotional intelligence. Divided into five parts with 20 scales, the EQ Map® focuses on EQ Awarenesses, EQ Competencies, EQ Values/Beliefs, and Life Outcomes. Like a snapshot in time, the integrated assessment captures the essence of your often complex and multi-dimensional life and pinpoints your strengths and vulnerabilities. The factors in the EQ Map® are directly related to your ability to stay healthy under pressure, develop trusting relationships, and creatively sense and pursue opportunities for your future.

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