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Structured Exercises in Stress Management
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Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Handbooks for Trainers, Educators, and Group Leaders. Thousands of trainers already know that our structured exercises are their most valuable resource for planning a workshop or seminar. They can help you: Appeal to diverse learning styles. Each exercise is educationally sound and carefully crafted. They stimulate participants to use multiple learning styles with lectures, role-playing, reading, introspection, physical activities, and more. Save time with the step-by-step designs. Easy-to-use instructions lead you through each exercise so you spend less time on tedious preparation. Use your creativity. Hints and suggestions help you put your own individual stamp on the processes, while getting participants involved in a meaningful, substantive way. Learn from others. Each book contains 36 exercises designed and used by dozens of experts in the field. They know what works--and they've written it here for you. The exercises: Each volume contains 36 exercises, ranging in length from a few minutes to several hours. Use different types of exercises to pace the ebb and flow of your session. Icebreakers are quick, introductory processes for warming up the group. Stress assessments help participants take a fresh look at their own lives to see what they want to change. Management strategies help people develop new and healthy ways to cope with stress. Skill builders provide instruction and the opportunity to practice effective techniques for managing stress. Planning & closure processes wrap up the session so participants can summarize the information and take away their own individualized plan for change. Group energizers are short, fun activities that can be used any time during a session to refresh, restore, and reenergize. The resources section: Now it's easier than ever to create a complete and seamless workshop with our structured exercises. Each volume contains a unique Resources Section that includes: Tips for trainers. Different in every volume! Valuable nuggets of advice from the experts on designing effective workshops. Editor's choice. Four-star specials--our favorite exercises in each volume. Especially for the workplace. Exercises that are especially designed for use with work groups. Winning combinations. Suggested workshop designs of various lengths, using exercises in the book. Annotated indexes. Your guide to the chalktalks, energizers, and relaxation routines in each volume. The Softcover Set includes: All 5 volumes 6" x 9", lay-flat binding Complete with all exercises and reduced-size worksheets.

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