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Working with Groups: Creative Planning for the Second Half of Life
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Help America's fastest-growing age group plan for a positive retirement and make the most of their "freedom" years. Planning for retirement requires finding innovative ways to make a useful life for yourself, not simply setting aside money for the day you quit working. Creative Planning for the Second Half of Life is the first book to help group leaders design a presentation or workshop that addresses the whole- person needs of people ages 50 and up. Whether you're a professional or a lay person working with older adults, these 30 easy-to-use structured exercises will help you lead clients in making the best lifestyle choices for the next century. You'll also teach participants how to set desirable goals and create plans to meet them. This book is filled with facts and principles about retirement and aging that help spark creative thinking and problem solving. Advice from veteran second-half-of-lifers, case studies, assessment tools, reproducible worksheets, and group activities enable participants to learn by experience. Teachers, clergy, community education programmers, gerontologists, human resources directors, family support group leaders, and anyone working with midlife folks will find this comprehensive and creative book welcome therapy for addressing the complex issues of this fast-growing population. Shatter the myths of retirement and aging and help clients: Get to know themselves and assess their retirement needs and goals; Prepare for leaving their jobs; Plan for future housing, health care, and financial needs; Pursue rewarding retirement careers; Adjust to and plan for lifestyle and spiritual changes; Examine changing relationships with their spouse, family, and friends; Consider their own mortality; Discover the nine characteristics of happy, productive retirees.

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