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Kicking Your Stress Habits
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The resource for successful stress management. Everybody knows what stress is--but Kicking Your Stress Habits helps people do something about it. This best-selling guide goes beyond lectures and statistics by encouraging readers to think, plan, and act for themselves. A national best-seller and the text for the pioneering Y's Way to Stress Management, this book has helped thousands move from reading about stress to doing something about it. Structured in easy-to-follow workshop form, Kicking Your Stress Habits is equally effective for use in a group session or for self-led reflective study. Between its covers you'll find: A step-by-step workshop guide for trainers, from novices to experts; Down-to-earth examples and challenging worksheets; Assessments and inventories; Creative coping alternatives; Step-by-step action planning guides. As a stand-alone stress resource or as a course text, Kicking Your Stress Habits helps groups and individuals learn the fundamental principles of stress management and wellness--then put those principles to work in their own lives. The book's engaging style and easy-to-use format promote reflection, group interaction, and individual action.

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