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Success with Stress- 6 Session DVD video Course
Sale Price: $599.95
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NEW SIX-SESSION VIDEO COURSE. Each session focuses on a specific stress-related issue and helps participants: *perceive and understand good and bad stress in their lives *learn how their value and belief systems effect their stress levels *identify positive coping skills that work for them *create action plans to successfully manage their stress. The format and style of the videos grab and hold the attention of participants with stimulating stories about people dealing with real-life problems. If stress is ignored or poorly handled it builds up over time and can cause serious long-term problems. Helpful, thought-provoking, action-oriented questions and numerous positive coping strategies to successfully manage stress are woven throughout the video sessions. The teaching processes outlined in the leader manual take the next and most important step. They invite participants to explore their own stressors and coping strategies and to make lifestyle changes where necessary. Involve participants and get results Successfully connect participants to the latest stress topics with these videos. Vignettes dramatically illustrate the effects of too much or too little stress in the lives of people trying to handle real-life problems. The vignettes make the connection between stress build-up and values, and between coping skills and behaviors. Participants easily identify with the issues raised in each session. Expert advice presented by stress and wellness specialists offers authoritative evidence of the effects of stress and positive coping skills. Summaries and challenges throughout the videos, by Donald A. Tubesing, Ph.D., author of Kicking Your Stress Habits, directly relate the problems presented in the vignettes to strategies and solutions for reducing stress. Relaxation sequences at the close of each video reinforce the positive coping skills participants have learned. Easy-to-use leader guide Each session comes with a leader guide to help you successfully conduct stress management training. Each guide includes: reproducible worksheet masters (unlimited use) step-by-step instructions with time frames summary of video content: stress issues, problems, solutions, and strategies suggestions for presentation design and structure tips for facilitating constructive group discussion Versatile and ready-to-go videos The Success With Stress video course simplifies your life. Each training video is ready to use. They can easily be tailored to meet the needs of your audience and accommodate almost any time frame. You may select a single session for a 50- to 60-minute brown bag seminar, or use the entire six-session course for an in-depth study. If you cannot be present, the video course is an excellent off-site trainer. A must for any resource library, the video sessions are effective self-guided training tools for individuals. Guarantees success--20-20-20 principle insures a powerful interactive learning experience The 20-20-20 approach provides a highly creative and flexible format for leading stress management training. Combining personal reflection, group interaction, and video presentation, this approach moves participants toward change, action, and new behaviors. 20 minutes for a video presentation- You'll find the topic for each video session developed completely with vignettes, expert testimony, summaries, solutions, and strategies. The sessions help participants reflect on their lives, make the connection between behaviors and belief systems, and realize some of the choices they make get them into trouble. 20 minutes for personal reflection and self-assessment- The activities in the leader manual complement the topics of each session. They give you the opportunity to actively involve participants in the topic before and after viewing the video. 20 minutes for group interaction- You'll find it easy to engage participants in discussion using the suggestions offered in the leader guide. They help create a supportive group atmosphere in which participants are encouraged to chart a course of action. Session also available separately, please call for details.

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