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Integrative/Alternative Healthcare
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52% of Americans currently use Integrative/Alternative medicine (IM/AM) including massage, biofeedback, aromatherapy, vitamins/herbs, mind/body techniques, relaxation programs, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, Yoga, and Tai Chi. Visits to practitioners are up 100% since 1990 which exceeds visits to primary care doctors by 443 million spending $70 billion. Nine out of 10 people are sold on the benefits. Over $27 billion was estimated to be spent in 1997 with $10 billion in out-of-pocket costs, which are more than all out-of-pocket spending for all U.S. hospitalizations. Currently, 91% of 117 U.S. Medical schools offer elective courses in Alternative Medicine.70% of Doctor's recommended integrative therapy to patients at least once. Over 74% of users say it helps them relieve stress and 69% say it boosts energy levels. Nearly 48% of households use herbal supplements to address mental health concerns. Mainstream medicine is being integrated with 84% using IM/AM with traditional care, 31% use as replacement and 23% use along with and as a replacement for traditional care. Some of the managed care organizations offering IM are Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California and South Carolina, Oxford Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente of California, and Group Health Plan of Puget Sound. American Wholehealth Networks is an Integrative Medicine Wellness company that provides discounts to 63 million health plan patients using over 35,000 IM practitioners nationwide.

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